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Scarlett Sage As Battle Bunny

Join us in the League of Legends universe and meet Battle Bunny, a feisty, pink-haired assassin who packs a mean punch both on and off the battlefield. This hot and steamy cosplay xxx parody brings her character to life like never before, showcasing her agility, strength, and sensuality. Watch as Battle Bunny plays dirty and delivers a knockout performance that leaves you begging for more. Whether she’s striking poses or landing blows, she always looks absolutely stunning, owning each moment with confidence and grace. If you thought battles were intense before, wait till you see what this bombshell can do. Suit up and join the fight alongside Battle Bunny – the outcome promises to be explosive! Are you ready to take her on? Then it’s time to start playing your cards right and enjoy the thrill of victory in this epic cosplay extravaganza!

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Battle Bunny Riven is a legendary skin in League of Legends. This battle-hardened warrior wears a bunny-inspired outfit with a pink bow, ears, and a fluffy tail as she takes on her enemies with her fierce skills. Raised in the Noxian military, Riven was stripped of her rank after refusing to obey an order that would have resulted in civilian casualties. She then became a wanderer, seeking redemption and direction in her life. As Battle Bunny Riven, she displays a quirky side, often taunting and teasing her opponents before bringing them down with her swift blade.