VRCosplayX - Star Wars Slave Leia ft. Stacy Cruz

Star Wars Slave Leia

Fulfil your ultimate Princess Leia sex fantasies in this beautiful Star Wars cosplay VR sex movie!

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Princess Leia never looked hotter than in the infamous bikini slave scene. And she’s never looked hotter than now in VR, played by the gorgeous 19 year old Czech teenager Stacy Cruz. She’s been at the mercy of Jabba the Hutt and his beastly ways for days, but now you – Han Solo – have finally managed to rescue Leia from his evil claws. She’s so grateful, and so freaking horny too! She hasn’t seen a human cock for so long, and as soon as you get your rock hard dick out of your pants she’s on her knees gobbling it like her first food in months. Are you ready now for Princess Leia to take off her famous bikini top in order to let you give her a titty fuck?!